Why Do We Incarnate as Alien Forms In the Physical Universe?

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on “Alien Incarnation in the Physical Universe.” You will learn that there is no such thing as an alien or an extraterrestrial being in “spiritual” or higher energetic terms. They (like us) come from True Energetic Selves/TES/Oversouls higher up in the multiverse (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com). 


“You are universal beings of light first, then you step your vibrations down, incarnate into different star systems, play out a bunch of stories. None of you really are earthlings, just as we are not really Pleiadians – it’s just a costume we’re wearing right now.” – Wendy Kennedy (channeling the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective)

What is meant by physicality?

Physicality is not restricted to our physical world on Earth, which is made of the bottom three frequencies in the physical universe (frequency bands 1-3). It includes ALL the physical vehicles or forms found within the physical universe (between frequency bands 1-12).

  • Our human body is a dense, physical matter-based vehicle animated by our soul.
  • But there are many other less dense, finer energy-based vehicles. They would appear to us as light bodies.

All incarnation takes place in the physical universe, which is the bottom or first dimension of our multiverse.

Why do we need to incarnate at all?

Higher entities that exist above the physical universe cannot descend lower than frequency band 14, because it is painful and energy-depleting for them. If they want to explore lower levels, it requires incarnation in a physical vehicle.

The TES is too big to incarnate, so it projects smaller soul aspects of itself into different vehicles (human/alien forms) within the physical universe. They go out to experience, learn and evolve in various environments and frequency levels and then return to their TES.

Why do we incarnate as alien forms?

The physical form of the species is like a ‘wetsuit’ we use to experience a certain reality. These forms are very diverse in appearance. They reflect the adaptations needed to exist in a particular physical or frequential environment (e.g. planet, star, spaceship, etc.).

Image: Various fictional exophenotypes of aliens (Source: Star Wars – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


“They are nothing more than ourselves, just different physical vehicles there to allow the energetic side of themselves to learn, experience and evolve.” Guy Needler

How do these beings operate?

Needler said that most of the galactic races operate as “separately together collectives.”

  • That means they have individualized sentience (self-awareness) but collective will.
  • They make decisions together, because they’re connected to each other at all times.
  • They differ from human beings, who have individualized free will on Earth.

Some less evolved races operate as “collective units of singular sentience” (like insects in a colony or the Borg in Star Trek) or as “basic collectives” (like pre-programmed automatons or robotic forms, who have no personal sentience).

Who is in charge?

Your True Energetic Self is who you really are. It could project one or more soul aspects (including the one animating “you”) on Earth AND one or more aspects as different species in various places and frequency levels at the same time. All these aspects are true soul mates, because they come from the same TES.

Your True Energetic Self is in charge of co-creating scenarios for all its soul aspects. They are co-creating with many other souls projected from other TES’s. Their job is to experience, learn and evolve. That’s how they contribute to the evolutionary content of their own TES, Source Entity and the Origin.

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