Why Do We Revisit the Same Old Issues?

Whether we’re on the spiritual path or not, most of us revisit old issues or patterns that we thought we had dealt with, processed, or finished with already. But they just keep coming back. Why do we revisit the same old issues? When does it stop?

What are the same old issues?

There is a handful of core issues that trigger all of humanity, as noted by Wendy Kennedy and others. They are safety, security, abandonment, manipulation, control, trust, approval, and persecution. We play them out on both personal and collective levels again and again.

How are we doing collectively?

Guy Needler said that we reached a peak frequency of 3.70 about eight years ago. But since then we have been dropping in frequency, because we’ve become complacent. We are slipping back, because of our lack of observation of ourselves. We are now at 3.15, but haven’t hit the bottom yet (around 3.13), which will occur in about 3-5 years’ time (see image, below).

Image: Collective Frequency Level vs. Time (in years, not to scale)

The outer world reflects the inner world. Sometimes we need an outer shock to jolt us out of complacency or being ego-driven. For example, when people fear that there aren’t enough resources to go around, the collective creates wars and conflicts as a security issue.

  • But that doesn’t mean your personal reality has to mimic the collective reality. Every individual is on their own evolutionary path. We ascend our frequency individually, not as a group of beings, although the company we keep does affect us (just as we affect them).
  • That means you can create your own experience of abundance in the midst of financial turmoil, peace in the midst of a tornado or a war, and love in the midst of hate, etc.

You can become the way-shower or the living example for others, who may choose to join you or not (see How Do We Jump Timelines? & How To Be Part Of the Solution?). All is choice.

Why do we revisit the same old issues?

There are a number of reasons for the issue to recur in our effort to evolve from it:

  1. The issue is part of our current Life Plan as a major theme, goal or issue to overcome. This is reflected in the birth chart as a personality and soul blueprint.
  2. The issue is played out from many different angles, as illustrated by Charlie Chaplin, the pickpocket being chased by a policeman in a hall of mirrors (The Circus (1928) – IMDb).
  3. The issue is played out with many different players. Some play a more intense version (e.g. authority figure) vs. a milder version (e.g. spouse, coworker) of the same issue.
  4. The issue is played at many different frequency levels, including when you are “asleep” (fully immersed in 3D life) vs. when you are newly awakened (tested) vs. more awake (re-tested) to see how your response to a person, situation or issue will change or evolve.
  5. The issue is an unresolved part of other lifetimes, e.g. parallel selves in this lifetime, or past or future lifetimes in human or alien forms in other places and times in the universe. Remember all these lifetimes occur simultaneously in the eternal “Now” of event space.
  6. It’s part of our continual evolution. We are both master creators and eternal students at the same time. Once we master one level, we move to the next level of challenges and experiences as a student yet again. We’re all works in progress throughout evolution.

That means we get lots of “do-overs” in life, because these issues are not easy to overcome, particularly when we exist in a lower frequency environment like the Earth. Wendy Kennedy explained how the issues can be interrelated and have to be dealt with in a sequence.

  • Let’s say you have an issue about safety (I’m not safe) and abandonment (I’m not safe, I’m not loved, I’m not lovable). If you try to just deal with one issue without dealing with both, it may be difficult to get rid of either one, because of the underlying issue of safety.
  • If you just deal with the safety issue, but haven’t dealt with the lovable issue, then the abandonment issue can’t go away. You have to deal with both lovable and safety.
  • If you think safety is too big or intense to deal with all at once, you may work with part of safety, then lovable, and then safety again to get rid of all of it. That’s your sequence.

That’s why we tend to process our thoughts and feelings in layers, like peeling back the layers of an onion that will make you cry with tears of grief, tears of joy AND tears of truth!

Final Thoughts

The take home message is to understand that revisiting old issues is part of our evolution. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s part of the process of being human and trying to resolve issues from many different lifetimes as many forms from many eras, not just this lifetime. All these “do-overs” give us more experience, learning and evolution as souls and oversouls.

If you consider that the soul that’s animating the “you” here may have over 20,000 lives, and your oversoul has over 300,000 lives, then you don’t need to figure out which past/future life is involved. If the issue shows up in this lifetime, it’s meant for you to process it to the best of your abilities. Whatever you resolve here will also help the other “you’s” elsewhere!

“Know that each soul calls to itself what it needs to experience. You are always in the right place at the right time to work on your life lessons. Spiritual wisdom is the ability to take the learning from an event and apply it to all similar types of events. — Toni Ann Winninger

There are no such things as mistakes. Just know that the lesson will be repeated until it is learned. Then the issue will stop appearing in your life, or if it does, it will create absolutely no charge in you. You will be observing it with your observer self in complete non-judgment and non-attachment. You’ll be in the world but not of it — smiling no less. 🙂

“Think of your time for meditation, study of spiritual text and self-review or contemplation as being sacred, the most important thing you have to do. Let nothing take preference. This is the Ego protecting its longevity and slowing down your ascension through the frequencies whilst in this incarnation.

Think of your spiritual time as being more important than going to the bathroom in the morning, more important than those little jobs you have to do. Make your meditation and spiritual practice a daily event…just 30 minutes to one hour will be sufficient to raise your frequencies.

Progressing spiritually is not hard, maintaining the commitment and ignoring the distractions of the physical world is though and can really test an incarnate being. Be brave, be committed and be devoted to your progression, your ascension, your communion with your creator and receive the joys and metaphysical abilities and experiences that come with it.” – Source (via Guy Needler)

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