Are We Ascending With Our Bodies? Or Becoming Immortal? Or Not?

In a previous post, we learned how our soul aspect is projected into a human body, that is continuously rising in frequency to occupy the various ‘panfrequential’ versions of the Earth and the physical universe. Our ascent is so gradual that we hardly notice any changes in our bodies or in our environment. Are we ascending with our bodies? Or becoming immortal? Or not?

Are we ascending with our physical body?

Some people believe that this time around we are taking our bodies with us, ascending as the physical body or “light body” and soul combined. But those people forget that we are NOT the human form. We are way beyond the human form, as Guy Needler has explained.

  • One analogy is to say our ego is like a dog held on a leash by its owner that is our soul aspect. They’re driving a car, which is our incarnate vehicle or physical body (as shown).

are we ascending

  • But we’re not our body, it’s something we have and use to drive around Earth. We won’t be taking these bodies with us. There is no need for that.
  • Our body is a low frequency tool we’re using, so we can experience this 3rd frequency version of Earth in the way it’s supposed to be experienced.

Why would we want to take this old jalopy along, when we’re above and beyond the need for it? Look what happened to Superman during the Earth experiment (before and after)! 😉

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As we go up the frequencies individually as a being, we are using the physical body and upgrading it, as we learn to access the greater reality while we’re in it. That’s all good.

  • But we’re also working with each other, evolving together as a species to increase the base frequencies of the human vehicle to make it lighter and lighter.
  • This allows the newer generations (indigo, crystal, rainbow and hybrid children) to come into a human body with a higher energy set to begin with.

These children have better connectedness with their True Energetic Self from the get go. That gives them higher functionality, and they influence the rest of the population both passively and actively, as explained in How Do Spiritually Advanced Children and Masters Help Humanity? – Big Picture

What happens higher up in this universe?

As our soul aspect incarnates on higher versions of the Earth, we’ll use even higher frequency versions of the human vehicle, that are better suited to experiencing those levels.

are we ascending

  • We’ll continue to “change models” of our vehicle, as we (“the royal we”) progress all the way up to the 12th frequency level, which is the top of the physical universe.

What most people forget is that we’re not evolving alone. We are just ONE aspect of many that our True Energetic Self (TES) projects to incarnate in the physical universe, because it wants to experience ALL frequency levels in this experiment.

  • That means OUR soul aspect is gaining experience at some but not all 12 frequency levels. Other aspects from our TES are working at other levels.
  • As aspects, we share all the evolutionary content we have gained with our TES and all the other aspects within it.
  • In the process, the human vehicle is being pulled up by ALL the different aspects, each doing their part at one or more levels.
  • That’s how our True Energetic Self gains experience at every frequency level of the physical universe. It’s all about teamwork, not just about saving yourself!

The only twist is this: If our soul aspect accrues karma at a particular level, we have to clear it at the same frequency level. In the past, this meant we had to incarnate again.

Is our goal to become immortal?

Some people believe that this time around we won’t go through the death cycle, as we ascend. BUT that is not true until we evolve past the 12th frequency level. Needler explained:

  • We could elect to disintegrate the human vehicle and re-integrate it if we wished.
  • That’s what Mahavatar Babaji does, when he wants to interface with humankind on rare occasions. But Babaji is an extremely highly evolved being whose True Energetic Self exists at the top of our multiverse (in the 12th full dimension).


We’re still operating in the first full dimension of the multiverse, which is our physical universe. Most humans are projected from True Energetic Selves that have evolved to the 3rd or 4th full dimension (or higher), according to Needler.

  • To evolve, we’re using the human vehicle that progresses in a linear fashion, BUT our soul aspect can be projected in a non-linear fashion, whenever and wherever into any event space, and as any physical form factor (species). We’re not limited in that sense.


Needler said all this talk of “taking the human body with us” is very limited thinking and ultimately restricts our evolution. It’s just the human EGO trying to maintain control and its longevity through the fear of losing the body.

  • When the physical body demises, the ego will die (see What Happens To the Ego, Body and Soul When We Die? – Big Picture
  • When we evolve the human vehicle past the need to incarnate within the physical universe, i.e. past the 12th frequency, we will experience the 13th and 14th frequencies in a vehicle, but it’s nothing that we could call “incarnate.”
  • From thereon, our evolution continues in the purely energetic realms, and at that point we’re considered to be “ascended” or “liberated” from incarnation.

Eventually, all the entities within the physical universe will ascend in several tiers, as outlined in How Do We Ascend Out Of the Physical Universe? – Big Picture

Final Thoughts

Incarnation is just part of our evolutionary journey. Our True Energetic Self is an eternal being of pure sentience created by our Source Entity, who gave it a volume of energy to use to evolve in various ways. We’re part of that process.

Everything we learn is shared among the aspects within our True Energetic Self, who shares it with our Source Entity, who shares it with the other 11 Source Entities and the Origin. We ALL benefit from each other’s evolutionary content.

There is no such thing as “death” of our soul aspect or our True Energetic Self, since we’re already “immortal,” because we’re beyond our physical form. We’re not taking the motor car, i.e. our body (or any other possessions) with us, when we exit this planet.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride! 🙂

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