Are We Dropping Down In Frequencies?

Here is an excerpt from “The Greater Reality” August 2016 Newsletter by Guy Needler with an important message from our Source that I’d like to share with all my readers. It addresses the question: Are we dropping down in frequencies? Why?

Are we dropping down in frequencies?

From: Newsletter|Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science:

Guy Needler: “Finally, along with myself, a number of close spiritual friends have noticed that the drop in the Earth’s frequencies is continuing and has not stopped as previously thought. I have even caught myself becoming complacent in my spirituality.

As a result the Source wants to make a few points on this subject. It appears to make up most of this month’s newsletter. I very much feel that the Source’s message is important and apply to us all – with no exceptions!

Source Entity: Now more than ever you should all be vigilant and work on your own progression with devoted and concentrated action.

Spiritually aware incarnate mankind has become complacent in its spiritual development and as a result is dropping down the frequencies, and so is the Earth as a result. Evidence of this drop in frequency is all around you.

This is not a development that most of you are aware of, indeed the experience of dropping down the frequencies is difficult at best to observe within the self – in fact it’s almost impossible! Specifically when one thinks of themselves as being spiritually enlightened or advanced.

Why is this you ask yourselves? Why are we dropping down the frequencies, and, why can’t we see it?

Low frequency thoughts, behaviours and actions are insidious and addictive and pander to the desires of the ego, making one feel good about experiencing such things. As a result you want to experience those thoughts, behaviours and actions again and again and again – repeating the process until it becomes normality. Slipping down the frequencies is therefore unseen by the individual who is not robustly self-observant. It’s like slowly falling asleep when you are in a room that is lacking in oxygen.

The complacency is therefore due to indulgence in these low frequency thoughts, behaviours and actions, the lack of self-observation and subsequent loss of frequential level.

This complacency can however be stopped by re-asserting a structured process of analysing oneself as a passive and neutral observer – using the observer self, returning back to basics and not assuming that once you have reached an advanced level of spirituality that you have made it and can now relax! It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, the unrequited desire to continue to use the observer self is the road to hell and hell itself is a low frequency Earth.

I challenge you all to become the spiritual beginner and go back to using the basics – use the observer self.

Stop this invisible downward trend by learning to see the invisible signs of frequential slippage through personal complacency, becoming resilient to low frequency indulgencies in the process.”



“To be able to be here, to be in the physical but not of the physical, IS the hardest task that we will ever face whilst we’re incarnate.” – Guy Needler

Note: All emphasis and images are mine.

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