How Do Inner and Outer Technology Affect Civilizations?

In a previous post, we learned that many different prototypes were developed for the Human Being Project for incarnation at lower frequencies, because it was found to be a fast track to evolution. According to Guy Needler, we are part of the 44th civilization of humankind on Earth. How do inner and outer technology affect civilizations?

What is the role of inner technology?

Guy Needler said the first “Eden race” of humans lived on a higher frequency version of Earth, when the solar system and the universe were young. They were a great civilization that appeared to be technologically primitive but were spiritually evolved.

  • They used their inner technology (e.g. precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation, etc.) to be in tune with their higher self and communicated with many other entities in the higher frequencies.


  • They were also in harmony with the planet, each other and nature. They were able to tap into energies, control and manipulate them for nourishment, shelter, etc. They served themselves and each other for the benefit of the whole.

When great races ascend to higher frequencies, they may take their whole civilization (including dwellings, etc.) with them and leave no record of them behind.

What is the role of outer technology?

Outer technology (energy-based machines and automated devices) were invented to give people more time to communicate with their higher selves, to relax and socialize.

  • Gradually, the outer technology replaced all the natural or inner technology they had used earlier. The more machines were created, the more people forgot. Few people knew how to maintain or improve the machinery.


The machinery was used for everything, including climate control, weather modification, transportation, communication and manufacturing. They purified the energies in food, water and the atmosphere. They cleaned and rejuvenated the body’s energy system.

Some of the physical technology worked in combination with spiritual energies. Image: Atlantean fire crystals


The Atlanteans were good at genetic engineering and modified their human form. They created many types of hybrid beings. Some were part human/part animal (e.g. centaur) or hybrids of different animals to do certain jobs (e.g. war, manufacturing, sex, etc.).

What caused the spiritual Fall of Atlantis?

The Atlantean era lasted many thousands of years and went through three major phases. Atlantis had multiple star influences, including the foundational energy of Orion mixed with Sirian, Pleiadian and other minor systems, according to Lyssa Royal. Needler explained:

  • They started out as a highly advanced incarnate race. They worked and created with much higher frequencies than where we are now. They were able to dip into lower frequencies at will, and not get attached to their experiences.
  • But their descent was very quick. They became intoxicated with socializing, status seeking, materialism, sexual prowess, ego, manipulating their bodies, physical appearance, etc.

By the end, they dropped their frequencies to the bottom. They forgot all about their inner technology. They lost their connection with their higher self and Source.

What was the Atlantean era really about?

It serves us to see how and why we co-created the Atlantean era after deciding to step into density. Some say Atlantis was an attempt to create an idyllic society, in which technology and nature could work in harmony together. Others consider Atlantis as a trial run for ascension.

Wendy Kennedy described some of the issues that polarized the Atlantean civilization:

  1. Free will (collective will vs. individual will).
  2. Inner technology (spiritual/natural, power of love/heart) vs. outer technology (science/machinery, love of power/mind).
  3. Integration of divine feminine and divine masculine energies.
  4. Cooperation (both) vs. competition (either/or) or persecution (us vs. them thinking).

Royal said that this type of conflict is common with all planets that have not integrated their polarity yet. Atlantis had three major factions, according to Kennedy:

  1. White Robes who didn’t want to interfere with Earth in any way; humanity’s wishes were not important at all; things simply were as they were.
  2. Dark Robes who didn’t care what happened to the planet; it was about personal satisfaction and power; they were doing experimentation undercover.
  3. Grey Robes who were beginning to integrate the view that we can work with Earth and with our own desires and find the middle ground.

What caused the physical Fall of Atlantis?

Guy Needler said that the civilization was “cleansed” or allowed to burn itself out after the entities went back to the energetic. WE as sentient beings were part of the decision to cleanse. He explained:

  • The level of cleansing depends on what needs to happen to allow us to progress.
  • There may be many different degrees of cleansing, which are played out in the different event spaces that pertain to Earth.


A cascade of catastrophic events took place, but the area of Atlantis did not sink. The land was flooded by the Mediterranean Sea and covered with molten lava from earthquakes and schisms in the crust. Afterwards, Earth’s ecosystem was re-established with the help of nature spirits, plants and animals for later reintroduction of a pure race of human beings.

What was the next civilization?

According to Needler, our version of the human form has been around for about 100,000 years. The same version of human was given a second chance to start again.


The Source Entity took a chunk of the earliest Atlantean civilization and inserted it into another timeline on Earth in the area we now call Egypt.

  • A readymade civilization just suddenly appeared on the scene. A few thousand people were implanted with everything from housing, shops, agriculture, industry, etc.
  • Their spherical memory was removed, so that they could not remember the events.

A few very experienced incarnates, who had all their energetic abilities intact, acted as guides.

  • Their job was to teach the new race how to be successful while physical, how to build structures (e.g. pyramids) and devices to harness and store energies, how to use natural resources and all the other basics.
  • When the guides returned to the energetic side, they left some teachers in place, who over time became corrupted and rebuilt a power-based civilization that decayed.

How does Atlantis compare to today?

Needler said Earth has dropped 9 frequency levels lower than where it originated, which is why many old Atlanteans are here today to help the planet recover from its descension.

  • Everybody had a lifetime in Atlantis or took on an imprint of one before incarnating here, according to Kennedy.
  • It has taken 25,000 years for human evolution to recover from the demise of the Atlantean culture to the point where we are now.

The big difference is that the base frequency of Earth and the local universe is much higher now than during the Atlantean era. It’s also much higher than 2,000 years ago, when Jesus came to show us how to be in the world without becoming addicted to low frequency actions.

What about future technology?

Most people are totally dependent on their physical tools (e.g. internet, cell phones, etc.) rather than their spiritual/energetic tools (e.g. telepathy, empathic communication, telekinesis, etc.), which they forgot are STILL available to them. Needler explained:

  • The man/machine interface will progress to the point, where it will prolong the lifespan of the physical vehicle, so that a soul aspect can experience more while in it.
  • We are already using artificial body parts in regenerative medicine (e.g. prosthetic limbs, robotic arms, bio-engineered tissues and organs, etc.).


But it will NEVER progress too far, because the mechanical functionality is just a substitute for the functionality (e.g. telepathy, telekinesis, molecular manipulation, etc.) we ALL have at will in the higher frequencies. We don’t need a limb to move something we can move by telekinesis. We’re all masters at some level.

The good news is that because we are experiencing the most basic things in a profoundly limiting way, it allows us to evolve faster. We and the planet are progressing quite rapidly now. We will continue to evolve with the help of newer generations of spiritually advanced children and masters. 🙂


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