How Do Mind-Altering Drugs Affect the Soul?

In the previous post, we learned about schizophrenia, which is sometimes triggered by taking mind-altering drugs during teen years and young adulthood. We’ve also learned about the effect of pharmaceutical drugs on the physical body and the soul. Now we’ll take a look at how mind-altering drugs affect the soul. Are they needed or advocated for spiritual awakening? How do mind-altering drugs affect the soul?

What are mind-altering drugs?

A mind-altering (psychoactive, psychotropic) drug is any natural or synthetic chemical sub-stance, that changes brain function and alters perception, mood, or consciousness. Many classes of drugs affect the central nervous system both physically and energetically:

  • CNS depressants (e.g. alcohol, barbiturates, opioids, benzodiazepines)
  • CNS stimulants (e.g. cocaine, amphetamine, caffeine, nicotine)
  • Hallucinogens (e.g. LSD, psilocybin, peyote, ayahuasca, dissociatives)

Guy Needler said every drug affects our physicality in some way. But a particular drug may affect or damage one person more than another, depending on their natural resistance to it both physically and energetically.

How do mind-altering drugs affect the soul?

When people take these types of drugs, the energies within the gross physical body become so disharmonious to the soul, that it simply cannot stay in the body. The auric layers split open, and the soul ejects itself out of the body to a higher energetic level, according to Needler.


The effect on the physical body and the soul depends on the type of drug or combinations of drugs and doses taken. The aura is a natural protective energetic shield around the body, which is enhanced by meditation, but altered and torn by drug abuse (as shown below):


The more drugs are taken (without overdosing and dying), the more disharmonious the body, and the higher the soul gets thrown. Needler explained:

  • A so-called “good trip” is where the soul is thrown to upper astral levels (frequency bands 6-7), where the entities or beings are more benign, loving and gracious.
  • A “bad trip” is where the soul is thrown to lower astral levels (FB 4-5), where the soul has a lucid experience of the things and lower frequency astral entities that are less benign.
  • When the alcohol or drugs wear off, the soul returns to the body. But the person may have a hangover (with headaches, lack of clear thinking, disturbing visualizations, etc.).

It takes three days to heal the auric layers, while the person is “detoxing” himself from a single drug exposure. That leaves all the energetic bodies vulnerable to attachment by astral entities (see What Are Sentient vs. Transient Astral Entities? – Big Picture


Are drugs necessary for mystical experiences?

Natural and synthetic mind-altering drugs have been used by people for millennia. But all these agents are a mechanical way to gain temporary access to an expanded perspective, according to Wendy Kennedy (“The Great Human Potential”). She explained:

  • Any mind-altering drug is mind originated. Your 3D mind (like your body) is something you have, but it’s not who you are (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture
  • For example, psilocybin (in “mushrooms”) is like a “sledgehammer that throws you into selflessness,” because it deactivates the brain regions (default mode network) that deal with thinking about yourself, according to neuroscientist Judson Brewer, MD, PhD.
  • The mind was set up as a filter to allow us to have a limited perspective of reality. Some people use drugs as an excuse to numb, not to feel or perceive things in the same way.

While these agents may serve as a stepping stone, a “peek experience” or a window into the nonphysical/energetic realms or higher states, they don’t really serve you in the long term.

  • They can cause physical or psychological dependence, i.e. become a habit or a crutch.
  • Psychoactive drugs can become a distraction/detour from your life plan, that was designed to interface with many other souls, and to learn about certain goals and challenges.
  • Drugs can also become a form of “spiritual bypass,” if used to avoid facing our shadows. We can’t jump from shadows to higher frequencies without doing the work on ourselves.

We incarnated here to experience, learn and evolve from facing, resolving and healing certain emotional issues, psychological wounds and needs. We need to be grounded to do that and to fulfill our obligations in the physical world.

Are drugs advocated for spiritual awakening?

Guy Needler said the frequencies on Earth are now so high, that you no longer need to have a guru or do things like yoga to bring your frequencies up. When asked if he personally took or advocated taking drugs for spiritual development, his response was:

“I’ve always had an innate feeling that we can do what we want to do by pure meditation, so the answer to that question is no, I’ve never had the desire. I don’t advocate it. I don’t think it’s appropriate. It’s unnecessary as well. It’s a mechanical short cut, which ulti-mately results in us struggling to do it properly.

Now if people want to go down that route, they can do. I wouldn’t stop them. If they feel that they’re getting an appropriate level of response in terms of their journey, then that’s fine. But I would say it does stop you from progressing, because it’s basically a physical tool to try to achieve a metaphysical response.

There are different ways of doing it naturally (e.g. shamanism, meditation, kriya yoga). Psychotropics may become an unhealthy addiction or a crutch, when not used as a stepping stone but as the only method of getting there.

There are many roads to God, but all of them require dedication, devotion, and extreme focus on getting there really.

My way is based upon just raw devotion to getting from one place to another place, using that focus in a pure way to log into or tap into the underlying consciousness, which is our creator that created everything, which experiences everything.” – Guy Needler


“The roads to God are many and varied, but whatever road we take, we must make it our own. We must be persistent and patient and not enticed by the road of another, which may seem faster but actually isn’t.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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