How Do Souls Exit From Life?

In previous posts, we learned how the soul carefully integrates its energies into a physical body, which is like a “biosuit” that the soul uses and animates throughout a lifetime. Now we’ll take a closer look at some of the ways souls use to exit from life on Earth. How do souls exit from life?

Do souls choose the timing of death?

When we hear about someone’s death, we may think they shouldn’t have died, at least not so young, not so tragically or suddenly or whatever the case may be. Most people find it hard to believe that our births and  deaths are carefully orchestrated events at the soul level.

  • There are no such things as accidents, even when it comes to mass deaths, like tsunamis.
  • The soul leaves exactly when it wants to, when it doesn’t have anything else to accomplish in that particular lifetime and setting.

According to Guy Needler, our souls have pre-planned not just one, but 3-5 exit points in every lifetime. It’s the soul (not the ego) that gets to choose on the energetic level if and when to leave early. Sometimes one soul leaves, and another soul walks-in to the same body.

  • These termination/demise junctures are spread out over our lifetime, so some points will “expire” after we’ve passed our babyhood, childhood, adulthood, midlife or later years.
  • The soul can leave at these points without accruing karma, because all the downstream functions, experiences and interactions are converged, so they come to a natural end.
  • That is very different from a suicide, which is NOT a normal termination juncture. It creates a lot of problems for all the other souls that were supposed to learn and interact with that soul in that lifetime. That’s why the soul accrues an “evolutionary debt” after suicide.

In hindsight, most of us recognize certain events in our lives that could have been potential exit points (e.g. near drowning, car accident, anaphylactic shock or life-threatening illness, etc.). If we bypass all of them, then we have to live out until the end of the lifetime as planned.

Do souls choose the manner of death?

The manner of death for leaving the physical form is also planned at the soul level. It’s usually by illness, accident or murder. It can be anything from a cancer to a sudden heart attack, brain aneurysm, stroke, getting shot, being in a car accident, plane crash, accident at sea, etc.

  • For example, if cancer is the planned exit strategy, the person may undergo treatment and go into remission for a while. But eventually the same or another form of cancer will come back, because it is the planned exit strategy. No amount or type of therapy will cure it.
  • Sometimes the person or their relatives may blame themselves, the doctors or others for not saving the person’s life without realizing, that it was the soul’s chosen way to leave.


What happens in senile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

Needler said these are simply other ways to depart. But in these conditions, the soul has chosen to leave the body in a gradual way. The day to day functionality starts to deteriorate.

  • They start to get problems with memory, because the ego starts to move and the memories associated with the ego go as well.
  • If someone lingers (e.g. coma), it’s because they have a strong desire to stay incarnate, and not let go of physicality. The ego is trying its hardest to stay incarnate.
  • The ego disappears when the human form demises. But nothing is lost, because the memory set and the experiences are continuously passed onto the True Energetic Self.

Some souls want to get more “evolutionary brownie points” by experiencing life with/without certain abilities and functions. This allows others to play the caretaker role, which is hard, too.

Do all parallel incarnations experience the same disease?

Needler said it’s possible that more than one parallel is experiencing the same condition in the same way or in a slightly different way. It’s also possible that some parallels don’t experience it at all, because they may have taken a different path 20-30 years ago. He explained:

  • Sometimes that path might lead to an early demise. That particular event space collapses back into or close to the main life line.
  • That means a soul aspect can die in one parallel incarnation, while other parallel versions of them keep going (Cartoon: Stan Cooper and Don Hunt: Parallelism).


  • The main life line will continue to exist until the last of the parallel conditions collapses back into the main life plan. Then that incarnate can and probably will demise as well.
  • The reason for them being there is finished. They have done all that was expected to be learned. All the experiences, different events and evolutionary content has been accrued.   If they would continue, they would just create more parallel versions of themselves.

We all think WE are the main line, but we might not be. It doesn’t matter, because we can experience what we’re supposed to experience. We can accept that and just keep going. 😉

Final Thoughts

Your soul may choose to incarnate in many different places and forms in the physical universe. But “you” are a unique expression of that soul projected into a particular human vehicle with a unique energy signature, lessons and experiences, which will never be reproduced in other lifetimes. Even the parallel versions of you aren’t doing exactly the same path as you.

Life may seem “random” to you, because you and all the parallel versions of you have free will to explore things in their own way. But in reality, the soul is on top of it all, in charge of all the parallel lives, and ultimately decides when it’s done with all the earthly experiences.

After death, your soul aspect along with your guides and helpers will do a comprehensive life review of all the localized parallel conditions to see what worked or didn’t work in terms of the life lessons you came here to experience, learn and evolve from.

There is a large queue of souls waiting to incarnate in the earth plane, so let’s make the most of our time here on this exquisitely beautiful planet!


“Who you are is an Individuation of Divinity. Why you are here is to demonstrate that.”       – Neale Donald Walsch

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