How Does Reincarnation Work?

In previous posts, we learned we can incarnate in various physical forms, such as human and alien/ET species, which are like “organic wetsuits” used by our souls to explore different parts of the physical universe, as described by Guy Needler. We may have some idea of “reincarnation” from the human perspective, but not from the point of view of the True Energetic Self (Higher Self). How does reincarnation work?

How does reincarnation work?

Our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Higher Self) is who we really are, which is a much bigger sentient being located higher up in the multiverse. To fast track its evolution, it sends out smaller soul aspects of itself to incarnate at lower frequencies in the physical universe.


A True Energetic Self could project up to 30% of its total sentient energies outside of itself, as one or more souls (or maximum of 12 aspects), but most don’t. Each aspect (soul) could also project up to 12 smaller shards (sub-souls) of itself, but most don’t. Why not?

  • Because of event space, where every incarnate aspect (or shard) has numerous parallel lives played out by parallel selves (a team of “local you’s”) in simultaneous, localized parallel conditions, which are all happening in the now or occurring all together.
  • These parallel selves learn through various what if scenarios, creating fractal branches at every choice point in their “decision tree of life” with a huge number of permutations.
  • At some points, the “you” here could expand to 200 or 10,000 or 100,000+ parallel you’s playing out other scenarios! The funny thing is that they all think they’re the only one here! Their numbers can shrink down just as fast to join the main line of the incarnation.

Most True Energetic Selves are a mixture of some projected souls/aspects (as shown above) and souls that have been retracted back after an incarnation, and reintegrated with their TES to exist in either full or partial communion with it (below, not to scale). For example:

  • Soul 1 is in full communion with its Higher Self. It’s like a drop of water in the sea with full dispersion of its sentience and memory. It has a moment of expansion followed by total absorption. That soul is no longer individualized, but can be reconstructed by the TES for individualized work as needed.
  • Soul 2 is in partial communion, where its sentience and memory become dispersed within the TES, but its individuality is kept diffused. It has a moment of expansion followed by omnipresent omniscience.
  • Soul 3 is split into larger, separate components that distribute its sentience and memory within the TES. It remains individualized but separated in partial communion.
  • Soul 4 is also in partial communion, but its sentience/memory are compartmentalized within the TES. Its individuality is kept in one location.
  • Soul 5 is a form of partial communion with a mixture of dispersed, distributed and/or compartmentalized sentience/memory within the Higher Self.
  • Soul 6 is in partial communion, but stays projected and individualized outside of the Higher Self, because it is being used in a series of back-to-back lives with a common theme (e.g. leadership at different levels).

What is a soul personality?

Needler explained that after many incarnations some souls/aspects gain certain levels of experience or evolutionary content, which gives them a certain signature or soul personality or “specialism.” He said:

  • If they are particularly good at certain things, they are allowed to maintain that soul personality in partial communion with the TES. They can be reused for other incarnations that require specific skills or talents (e.g. arts, science, diplomacy, leadership, etc.).
  • A few aspects may be allowed to stay in a projected state, if they have a suite of experiences or incarnations with a theme to experience, i.e. several lifetimes exploring the same theme (e.g. poverty/abundance or leadership).

Who is in charge of incarnation?

In most cases, the True Energetic Self decides which aspect to use for individualized work, whether it’s an incarnation in the physical universe or other energetic work in the multiverse.

  • Any aspect in partial communion may be assigned an incarnation or another role.
  • In very rare circumstances, the aspect itself may decide to experience something. It has to justify it as necessary for its own evolution and that of the TES as well. Sometimes, a highly evolved aspect (e.g. Jesus) may decide to incarnate to benefit other beings.

How is the soul aspect made?

According to Needler, most of the sentient energies (70%) are kept outside of any incarnate cycle, i.e. within the True Energetic Self, which exists at a higher frequency in the multiverse. The aspect to be projected to an incarnation can be made in three ways:

  1. brand new aspect (soul) may be constructed from the unused energies within the TES.
  2. A previously used aspect may be assigned another incarnation, particularly if it has some dysfunctional energetic links (“karma”) at lower frequencies, OR if its skills are needed.
  3. A hybrid aspect may be created from various components of different aspects or a series of dissolved energies that are reintegrated (mixed and matched) to make a single aspect (as illustrated below, not to scale).


In this figure, the connectivity between the TES and the aspect (external to it) is represented by the thickness of the strand between them. The analogy is that of a droplet of honey (soul) falling from a spoonful of honey (TES), where some level of connection is always maintained.

  • A thick strand means more connectivity, more communication and higher functionality. That’s what happens with higher frequency aspects, such as Gandhi, Einstein, Tesla, etc. whose life mission is to influence humanity in some way.
  • A thin strand means less connectivity in that incarnation. The aspect may be more dense or forgetful of its true nature. It may choose to remain unaware, experiencing things on its own for that lifetime, OR it may learn to connect more with its TES later in life.

Once the aspect is projected externally, it decides everything else, i.e. all the particulars of that lifetime (what era, geography, family, etc.) from thereon. The aspect decides how to get certain experiences to learn and evolve from, which benefit the aspect and the TES.

How are highly evolved aspects made?

Needler said that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna and countless other individuals, including the White children (that are now incarnating among us) are highly evolved aspects.

  • They have been chosen to do a specific role for the rest of humanity. They are projected here to be of service only. They have evolved beyond having to incarnate for themselves.
  • But they are NOT a single aspect. They represent a hybrid aspect made from many energies within the True Energetic Self, which are reintegrated and projected out usually as the only aspect from that TES at the time.

For example, Jesus was one of many incarnations projected from the “Yeshua” True Energetic Self at various points in history (e.g. Enoch, Jeshua, Zend, Apollonius of Tyana, etc.). It was not always the same aspect reincarnating, but different aspects from the same TES lineage (see What Are Source Entity Level Ascended Masters? – Big Picture

Final Thoughts

Guy Needler has given us a glimpse of incarnation from the higher perspective of the True Energetic Self, which really runs the whole show that is happening all together in the Now.

The point is that we are more than our soul. We are our True Energetic Self, which accrues the evolutionary content from ALL the lives experienced by ALL the aspects, shards and parallel selves in the physical universe. Eventually, our TES will evolve beyond having to incarnate, and will continue to work and evolve in the energetic side of the multiverse.

That means we are master creators, whether or not we realize it in our human form. Our physical lives on Earth are a bit like our toes wiggling, unaware that they’re attached to a much bigger being, who is organizing and overseeing everything that happens. 🙂

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“Everything “out there” is You. You are One With Everything. One with God. One with all other human beings. One with Life Itself.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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