How To Be Part Of the Solution?

The U.S. is a melting pot of people that have come here from all over the world. It is also a mix of four different soul ages, which are often in conflict with each other, because they have different values and priorities. After the inauguration of a president who didn’t win the popular vote, but wants to rule like a king, there have been mass protests in this country that have spread worldwide. What’s going on? How to be part of the solution?

What does the universe abhor?

In a word—stagnation! When growth stops, stagnation begins and decay follows. Stagnation is described by I Ching Gate 12, also called the Gate of Caution, Misfortune, Hindrance, Taking Stock, or Standstill in the Ring of Secrets. As R.L. Wing (“The I Ching Workbook”) wrote:

“Stagnation produces an ambiance of decay and decadence. Inferior persons and ideas can rise to positions of great influence. The political and social environment can become corrupt indeed…Leaders are not in touch with the people whom they lead…The people become lost in a labyrinth of discordant purpose and are filled with mistrust.

Hold courageously and unobstrusively to your values and inner confidence, for these times will certainly pass. Self-reliance will see you through.

What is remarkable is that this advice was given to mankind thousands of years ago through the I Ching system. We’re playing out the same issues today only with different characters.

  • Gate 12 is what Trump is here to do, his Life’s Work (outer purpose) in his soul blueprint.
  • The path of growth goes from the shadow frequency of Vanity (elitism or malice) to the gift of Discrimination (recognizing fake vs. authentic expression) to the siddhi of Purity.

Richard Rudd (“Gene Keys”) said vanity and purity are mirrors at the two ends of the spectrum of human consciousness. With vanity your lower self (ego) falls in love with itself. With purity of heart, the Higher Self perceives the Divine or Beloved in everyone and in existence itself.

What is the bigger picture?

We’re being asked to pause, to take stock while we attune to this moment in history. We are urged to envision new ways that defy and sweep away outdated social, political and govern-mental structures. We can go beyond them, grow and transform ourselves in the process.

  • Trump is serving as a “change agent” by triggering many of us with one issue after another. It’s meant to provoke fear, anxiety, powerlessness, chaos and overwhelm. Why?
  • The globalists (i.e. political, military, corporate elite) use the system of problem—reaction—solution to make changes that people wouldn’t accept otherwise.
  • They create a problem (e.g. 9/11 terrorist attack), manufacture a reason for their reaction (e.g. Iraq’s WMD), and provide a solution (e.g. start wars in the oil-rich Middle East). But as we start to see how we’re being manipulated, these controllers become ineffective.

But that’s just the “3D” point of view. From a higher perspective, drama happens when you’re not paying attention to get your attention. It’s meant to wake you up. If you’re part of the world drama, you have something to gain from it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

How to be part of the solution?

There is a handful of core issues that trigger ALL of humanity: safety, security, abandonment, manipulation, control, trust, approval, and persecution, as noted by Wendy Kennedy and many others. We play them out on the personal level and the collective level.

  • For example, when we look at some policies (e.g. oil pipelines, border wall with Mexico, Muslim ban, etc.), they target certain groups, but tend to activate many others as well.
  • The function of the outer world is to reflect to us what fears or traumas WE still hold in our inner world. This is the foundation of the work we came to do in this lifetime.

In a recent video (“Acceleration and Transmutation”), Nora Herold explained it like this:

“Whatever it is you’re feeling, it’s yours. You already came in with it. You are bringing your emotions, your energetic experience, your memories to the show at hand. It’s all yours. Whatever you’re feeling in the moment, it’s all yours.

It’s not because that guy over there sitting in that assumed “position of power” said that thing, or wrote that memo, or made that decree. That’s NOT the root cause of your fear, just a trigger absolutely for what you’re already holding.”

Your job is to dig through these energetic distortions and traumas and to transmute them. The process of transmutation (“clearing”) is quite simple:

  • Feel the feeling—acknowledge that it’s all yours, own it (I’m feeling this fear).
  • Observe yourself in the moment (I see myself, as I feel my fear).
  • Accept yourself without judgment (I’m not going to define my fear as good or bad—it just is, I just am).
  • When you step into self-acceptance, you can link up with the energy of Unconditional Love. It’s in that moment that the transmutation work occurs and completes. Sweet!

You don’t need to attach any story to why you feel the fear. The more clearing you do, the less triggers or echoes of traumas you need in your outer reality, which will change as well.

“You are in a period of accelerated change, meaning no matter what it looks like today, you can be guaranteed it’s going to look different tomorrow, and it’s up to you the way you want to shape it.” — Nora Herold

Final Thoughts

You may be wondering: What are we supposed to do about the outer world? Well, it’s clear that we need to put our attention on our inner work first and foremost, then on our interpersonal relationships, and then on the collective work, as Herold suggested.

However, if we engage with the world from a place of fear, anger, rage or violence, we will just create more of that in our reality. It will bounce right back at us, because we are co-creator beings. That’s not what we want.

“You are much more empowered when working FOR that which you believe and feel to be true, as opposed to pushing AGAINST that which you don’t want. Remember whatever you put your attention on grows.” Nora Herold

We need to declare what we want from a neutral, centered place of well-being to facilitate our manifestation process. That works with both the Law of Attraction (based on emotions) and the Law of Creation (based on frequencies). It’s like using a laser instead of a flood light to focus our desires, intentions, thoughts and actions toward shared goals and outcomes.

When we work together as a group, our power is amplified manyfold, so that rapid change is not only possible but inevitable. Our hidden strengths will emerge. Stagnation be gone! 😉

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

For more information, please see:

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