How To Change Our Soul Blueprint?

In previous posts, we discovered the concept of supersoul consciousness put forth by Ian Lawton (“Supersoul”). Lawton formulated 10 principles that describe this newer spiritual worldview. Lawton’s Principles #1-8 about Soul Probes, Personality, Time, Incarnation, Karma, Life Planning, Spirit Guides & Angels were discussed previously. How to change our soul blueprint?

Lawton’s Principle #9. On rare occasions we might make a new agreement with our supersoul, at a subconscious level, to take on a new challenge in our adult lives. But it’s always best to take responsibility for any challenge by assuming you created or attracted it, or at least by knowing you control your reaction to it. Any tendency to ascribe challenges to ‘past’ karma, life plans or soul contracts can lead to an abrogation of responsibility for what we’re creating in the now, and detract from our extensive power to turn any situation around.

What is a soul blueprint?

Some of Lawton’s points in Principle#9 about karma, life planning, contracts, etc. have been discussed in previous Principles. Here we’ll review our soul’s original blueprint for a lifetime.

baby1    astro-chart

Our birthdate, hour and place of birth are not random. Our soul knows what lessons are to be learned and what energies are needed for the life task, and it plans the birth chart accordingly.

  • The birth process is carefully orchestrated by our guides to reflect the best possible alignment of the available energies.
  • There are several tools (e.g. astrology, numerology, Atlantean card science, Tarot, iChing, Human Design, channeled readings, etc.) that help us understand our life task, life lesson, karmic, relationship and other issues for a particular lifetime.

The birth chart reflects some themes and lessons, which are the blueprint or the cards you are dealt. How you choose to play those cards is what determines your life path. The blueprint is not written in stone. It can be changed, as our circumstances change.

What is a soul imprint?

According to Wendy Kennedy, all of us watch and review each other’s lifetimes from the Akashic records when we’re disincarnate or purely energetic sentient beings.

how to change our soul blueprint

Some soul aspects may have had limited experience being on Earth or in a dense human body. They may have more lives in other parts of the physical universe.

  • They bring a different blueprint to the planet, that includes all the filters, belief systems, knowledge and wisdom from their lifetimes in these other places.
  • But they can download an imprint or “How-To” book about a human lifetime dealing with a particular issue (e.g. leadership), which they can absorb and overlay as one of their own.

Dolores Cannon said that you could have 5 lifetimes that are “real” and 500 lives imprinted from the records of various types of leaders, such as tribal chiefs, mayors, presidents, leaders of thieves or gangs, etc.

Why do so many people think they had a famous past life?

Soul imprints explain why more than one person may claim to be a historically significant figure (e.g. Napoleon or Cleopatra) in their past life.

  • Imprints and overlays are no different than a “past life” that was actually experienced. You cannot tell the difference and it makes no difference if it’s yours or not.
  • All these lifetimes are connected. There is no proprietorship to these imprints. The lessons are shared.
  • You don’t really need to know about all your “past lives,” because time doesn’t exist (see Principle #3). You simply need to identify the lesson or issue you’re dealing with (e.g. abandonment), then intend to work with it and resolve it in the now moment you’re on.

Kennedy explained that the imprints are complete at birth, but may become activated later in life (adulthood). Extra imprints are also available to be overlaid on your blueprint whenever necessary.

  • If you wish to bring another skill set here, such as tone and sound healing (e.g. using crystal bowls), but you didn’t have a lifetime where that skill was used (e.g. Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis), you can create an imprint or overlay onto your existing blueprint.
  • That allows you to practice that new skill set in this lifetime. This gives a whole new meaning to the “Parable of Talents.” 😉


Kennedy said you can go back into the library, imprint a different lifetime or a new experience, set yourself up and go back in a body, go live a life with a slightly different program. It’s that easy, because we’re creative beings.

How to change our soul blueprint?

According to Kennedy, our blueprints are more flexible now, so we can change things, rewrite contracts and agreements, and have more than one lifetime in a lifetime. We all created two blueprints before incarnating this time around:

  1. The pre-shift blueprint contained all the paths and contracts for our life from the linear (“3D”) perspective (prior to 2012).
  2. The post-shift blueprint includes all the paths and contracts from the multidimensional (“5D”) perspective (after 2012).

The game of life has changed from one level of complexity to the next higher level of the game. That means we can wipe the slate clean and reset ourselves to have more awareness of the Greater Reality, which includes seeing ourselves as supersouls having a human experience.

  • We have more opportunities to integrate issues that affect us in our Earth lives and galactic lives. We can interact with galactic records and galactic beings in new ways.
  • We can even resolve karma in this lifetime like never before (see Principle #5).

Final Thoughts

We are all evolving, each in our own way and each at our own pace. But at the same time, we are helping collective humanity evolve, because in the Greater Reality there is only One of us!

“Who am I? I am an out-picturing of the Divine. I am God in human form. We are here to experience any aspect of Divinity that we wish.”  Neale Donald Walsch


Now that we know about imprints, let’s make the rest of our lives…memorable!

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