How To Defuse Duality and Transcend Misguided Thoughtforms?

In previous posts, we learned how war, conflict and even corrupt or evil world leaders serve a purpose by showing the rest of mankind how not to operate and what to avoid. Negativity is an opportunity for creating positivity in the world, according to Guy Needler. But this brings up the question: why are we still playing the game of duality on Earth or in our universe?

What is the game of life?

The game of incarnation we’ve been playing in the physical universe was set up like this:

  1. Pick a level of difficulty – what frequency level do you choose to explore? The lower the frequency, the harder the game (e.g. Earth). This could be called vertical duality.
  2. Pick a team – which team do you choose to play with? This is called horizontal duality. The opposing team colors may range from black vs. white at the bottom (e.g. Earth) to shades of silver at the top. Beware that in all other places you have to play as a team, not as a free-willed individual member of a team, like on Earth.
  3. Pick a physical form (avatar) – what kind of species do you choose to animate with your soul/aspect? There are countless forms to choose from (e.g. human or alien/ET forms).
  4. Pick a stage – which theatrical play (or multiplex movie theatre) do you choose to enter to act your part? This relates to your event space choices, which introduce another form of duality (or triality or quadrality or higher possible possibilities) into the game.

What is duality?

True duality (i.e. black and white) exists only in the physical universe, which is where we incarnate into one of 12 frequency levels, that make up the bottom of our multiverse.

  • Earth is a highly polarized world, where we can experience light/dark, male/female, hot/cold, or other dualities in pairs. We can’t have one side without the other.
  • But the higher up you go, the closer the poles get. By analogy, at the 9th frequency level both poles are subtle variations of medium grey, i.e. much less polarized than we are.


Earth is an example of the hardest level to play, because our hard drives (brains) are wiped clean before we start the game. We don’t remember anything about ourselves, let alone how to play the game. We can’t ask the audience (they’re just as dense) or call a friend, even though we have lots of friends (oversouls) in high places. We’re on our own. 😉

Why does duality exist?

All the frequencies and entities (including those we call “light” or “dark”) were created by our Source Entity. ALL of us choose to experience the higher (light) and lower (dark) frequencies as part of our balanced evolution. We play both sides over many lifetimes.

  • The lower frequencies have always been part of the multiverse, but only became a problem, when we took human or other physical forms to experience them.
  • Many individuals became addicted to the lower frequencies or the material side of life (which is karma). That applies to most people on Earth right now.


We forgot that the physical universe is just a tool we use, like a theatrical stage created for us by our Source to play different roles in different forms in order to learn and evolve.

  • Sometimes our “enemy” is serving us by doing what we chose not to do. They’re playing the “darker” role despite the karmic consequences, so we could play the “lighter” role.
  • From our Source Entity’s perspective, both beings are learning and evolving, even if they’re experiencing diametrically opposed lives.

What is the stage for our play?

Our lives are created from a series of choices (below, left), which occur in every now moment. But none of us are conscious of event space, where we play out various events or “what if scenarios” in life, that start to look like the branches of a tree (right), according to Needler.

  • The trunk represents the main direction of your life, and the branches are created by your free will decisions. A strong intention creates a thick branch, but indecision or changing your mind creates a thin branch or an evolutionary dead end.
  • Eventually all the branches merge back to the main trunk.



Event space is a temporary structure that multiplies and contracts, unlike the static or rigid structure of our multiverse (with all its frequencies, dimensions and universes).

What are the bigger implications?

Most people don’t realize that in every lifetime we exist in multiple versions (i.e. a team of “local you’s”) in multiple parallel environments, where we play out all the different outcomes of various different decisions to learn about the cause and effect of things.

  • That means YOU are in the driver’s seat. You get to decide where you put your intention, and which branch gets thicker or thinner or becomes a dead end in your tree of life.
  • Do you choose to join event spaces, where the participants focus on world conspiracies, Illuminati, negative alien agendas, Anunnaki, reptilians, negative entity attacks, doom and gloom, financial collapse, Earth disasters, threats to humanity by AI, gossip, etc.?
  • Ask yourself: How is this information serving you? Does it leave you feeling fearful or empowered? Is it helping you in your spiritual progression or not?

Nora Herold said these are simply programs or hooks, that are installed in people to play a certain type of game. Every time you expose yourself to messages outside of you and align with them, you’re reprogramming your subconscious mind to believe that message.

  • For example, “enslavement” was just part of the illusionary game, but it is NOT a destination! It’s time to get rid of that mentality. It’s a place for you to move through.
  • It’s a phase you go through in your integration and re-ascension process, according to Herold and others.

When you become aware of this, you might get angry or frustrated. That’s part of the process. Or you may feel like a fool, but laugh about it later, as you’re cleaning out your cupboards and closets of all the misguided thoughtforms sent to you by others, who still want you to play on their team! 😉


What are the stages of awakening?

Every person has a different path, that is appropriate for them. But there are some stages that we may share during the awakening process, based on my observations:

  1. We become aware of something beyond our egos and become curious about past lives, reincarnation, NDEs, interlife, soul groups, etc. We develop Hope/Faith/Light.
  2. We become aware of the players and conspiracies on Earth, e.g. secret government, Illuminati, war games, corrupt banking, business, etc. We have Anger/Fear/Despair.
  3. We become aware of other hostile players, like negative aliens/ETs, who work with corrupt humans to create fear, enslavement, Earth disasters, ET saviors, polarity warring, etc. We feel Victimhood/Disempowerment/Us vs. Them thinking.
  4. We become aware of higher dimensional beings, e.g. Founders, 9D/12D Collectives, who give a balanced overview of the dualistic universe, and teach you to bring more of your higher self to the “you” here, which becomes Sovereign/Balanced/Integrated.
  5. We become aware of the Greater Reality beyond the physical universe, where all the drama occurs. We connect with our soul/aspect and True Energetic Self. We see the bigger picture with our Source Entity, its peers, the Origin and the grand evolutionary cycles we’re part of. This stage of Enlightenment/Oneness/Freedom is “knowingness,” i.e. experiential, not intellectual (based on other people’s thoughtforms).

How to defuse duality and transcend misguided thoughtforms?

You’re learning to be in the world but not of it. You’re using your neutral observer self to understand things from a new perspective. As Nora Herold and Lyssa Royal observed:

  • It’s not that you’re powerless. You simply played a role. You gave your power away to an external force or being to see what that is like for a while.
  • Know that your ego wants to keep things polarized, because it fears losing its own existence (as the “avatar” you started the game with).
  • But you don’t need to protect your ego or take sides any longer.
  • You can defuse duality and not be seduced by its pull by seeing the light and the dark, by seeing everything, and by stepping into Oneness instead.

We’re all created by our Source Entity to experience, learn and evolve beyond the drama in our universe. From a higher perspective, everything is actually in balance and in divine right timing and in divine right order. Feel the truth in that and in Rumi’s message:


“Seek the consciousness that we are all one. I have come to show you a unity beyond duality.” – Babaji

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