What Are the Core Issues Of Galactic Races?

In the previous post, we learned that there are a handful of core issues, which create all the drama in our lives here on Earth. We may spend a lifetime trying to deal with some of these human issues. What happens in the rest of the physical universe? What are the core issues of galactic races?

What is the game of life?

The physical universe is the bottom universe in our multiverse. That’s where all incarnation takes place as different galactic races. It’s the playground for our souls to evolve. We write, direct and act in our own script based on the answers to these questions before incarnation:

  1. Which of the 12 frequency bands (FB) do we choose to explore? The lower the frequency, the denser and more difficult the game will be (e.g. Earth at FB 1-3).
  2. Which physical form/species do we animate with our soul aspect? There are countless forms to choose from (e.g. humanoid, amoeboid, insectoid, reptoid, gaseoid, planet- or star-associated and other forms). All species found on Earth exist in some form elsewhere.
  3. Which team do we choose to play with? We play in true duality, which is highly polarized at the lower frequency levels (black/white) compared to the higher levels (shades of gray).
  4. How much free will do we want to have? On Earth, we play on our own with individualized free will. In all other places, we play as a member of a galactic race with collective free will.

What are the core issues of galactic races?

You might be surprised to find out they have the same issues as we have. How can that be? Don’t the beings in the higher dimensions have their act together? Aren’t they supposed to be more “evolved” than us? Well, not necessarily. As Guy Needler explained:

  • This universe has pockets of “dark areas” (low frequency locales), that are scattered and not specific to any one location. They are often isolated from “light areas” (high frequency locales), but can and do interfere with Earth and other planets within the physical universe.
  • These dark areas are populated by a group of “dark” entities, who are less evolved, in disharmony or at war with each other. They are addicted to low frequency sensations or the material aspects of incarnation (which is karma).
  • Entities in the higher frequency “light areas” are more evolved and work in harmony with each other. We play both light and dark roles in many lifetimes in this dualistic universe.

Wendy Kennedy said the same galactic issues (e.g. safety, security, manipulation, control, approval, trust, and abandonment) may trigger more than one aspect of you in the universe. Some galactic core issues are listed below with examples of star systems that operate at various frequency levels (corresponding to human issues aligned with our chakra system):


These star systems have a diversity of life forms. For example, the Pleiades system has over 750 stars with beings in all different frequencies and physical forms, as described by Kennedy.

  • Thus, a “Pleiadian” being may be a tall Nordic humanoid, but includes winged humanoids, reptilians, bird people, feline, zeta/greys, AI (artificial intelligence) and many other forms.
  • They all have different agendas and different personalities, depending on their frequency level and their life task (which may/may not reflect their soul’s evolutionary content).

Why do we align with a star system?

Kennedy said you may align with a particular star system that you have been to. But you’re never really from any star system or from Earth. It is just another game. She explained:

  • You come from Source and there is a stepwise process to lower your frequency, to project your soul aspect into different physical vehicles to have different vibrational experiences at different levels of the game. Higher is not better or utopia, it’s just different.
  • From a universal perspective, Earth is quite young, so many of you have spent a great deal of time in other star systems learning your lessons.
  • Depending on what you wish to accomplish in this lifetime, you have chosen to draw the major lessons of that star system to you, and to apply them here to your interactions with other people on Earth. That’s the energy you have chosen to represent for the game.

“The idea is to try to resolve all the galactic issues that are in the genetic lines, all the species living on this planet on a smaller scale on planet Earth, the planet of emotion, which is unlike any other planet in the entire universe because of the vast emotional range (highest highs, lowest lows) and density.” – Wendy Kennedy

That’s why we may feel that we’re connected to the Pleiades for a while, then we feel a connection to Sirius or Orion, because our lessons have slightly changed. Most of us have been to many, many star systems (not just one or two) before we come to Earth (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Why is the Earth experiment different?

According to Needler, humans are the only beings with individualized free will. Because we can make our own choices (often through much trial and error), we’re able to learn what works and doesn’t work. We advance faster and bring what we learn to higher levels.

  • We can work on our personal, interpersonal and collective (e.g. racial, planetary) issues.
  • Once our souls ascend out of the physical universe and leave the path of incarnation, other galactic beings will be given individualized free will, so they will progress faster, too.

Kennedy noted that one big piece that is missing in the higher realms is compassion, which we have in spades given all we go through as human beings. We’re teaching that to others.

Final Thoughts

Our ultimate goal as sentient beings is to learn to master the right use of Power (energy), while also learning to master Love and Wisdom in equal measure. That’s a tall order for any being in this dualistic universe, but we’re learning things quite rapidly as we go.

This kind of information is akin to “Disclosure” from a higher frequency or higher energetic perspective. Once you understand that the real “you” is your True Energetic Self, not your ego, mind, human or alien body, then you don’t need your government to tell you about “contact” with aliens/ETs, because you’ll see the bigger picture better than they do. 😉


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