What Are the Evolved White Children?

In the previous post, we learned about “Backfill people,” who are maintaining the lower frequencies on Earth for those who still need to progress through them. In the same way, the indigo, crystal, rainbow and hybrid children have been incarnating to anchor slightly higher frequencies here. Now the new “White children” are starting to arrive to help us. What are the evolved White children?

What are the evolved White children?

Several teachings have predicted the birth of highly evolved beings on Earth. They have been called by many names (e.g. kalki avatar, infinite soul, messiah, second coming, etc.). But Guy Needler is the first person to describe the “White children” that are already incarnating here.

Needler said there are only going to be 12 of them in total. But they are going to be a whole new generation of ascended masters, who will help raise the frequency of humanity. This is not some New Age dream, it’s a reality on this frequency version of Earth right now.


Why are they so evolved?

Each White child will be the ONLY soul aspect projected from their True Energetic Self (TES/ Oversoul) located at the seventh full dimension (FD 7) in our multiverse, which is very high (see What Is the Structure Of Our Multiverse? – Big Picture Questions.com).

According to Needler, Jesus’s TES is at the lower end of FD 8. To incarnate in the physical universe, the TES had to use the “slinky effect” to project part of itself first to FD 3, and then project the aspect that became Jesus from that platform downwards to this version of Earth.

When and where will they be born?

These children will be born sequentially over the next 50-65 years, not all at the same time. There will be equal numbers of male and female White children.

  • They will be spread out across the globe to act locally and globally, so that people on all continents will benefit from their “divine gifts” or siddhic frequencies here (see What Are Siddhis Or Divine Gifts? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • They will be born in an equidistant geometric manner, presumably at points along a grid, as shown below (by my “guesstimation”).


Two White children are already here: one in Beijing, China and the other in London, UK (solid red circles). Needler said the NEXT White child will be born in Peru (hatched circle) within the next 2-3 years into a rather poor family, but the parents are already picked out.

What is their function?

These children will have to work on themselves to become slowly aware and awake, much like Jesus, Buddha and all the rest of us. But their level of wakefulness and functionality will be much higher than the average person. They will function in three different ways:

  1. Qualitative teachers: Four of these White children (2 males+2 females) will have a small number of students, who will become masters in their own right.
  2. Quantitative teachers: Four of them (2 males+2 females) will become teachers with thousands of followers, like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Yogananda and others.
  3. Non-interactive teachers: Four of them (2 males+2 females) will work behind the scenes, like Babaji, so they will be more difficult to spot, if at all. Things will be happening, but we won’t know what those things are.

Needler said that their level of advancement will be absolutely amazing, which will make the next 20-30 years just amazing, and the next 100 years absolutely phenomenal!

Final Thoughts

When I heard about more backfill people coming to replace those humans, who are leaving the planet, I thought: Oh, great, that means more gang violence, war lords, drug lords and other low frequency hotspots around the planet. BUT Needler also said they won’t be needed for long!? Now we know why.

Imagine having not one but maybe up to twelve Jesuses or Buddhas triangulating the planet with their high frequencies by the end of this 50-65 year period! It’s called ascension by association. People can’t help but become higher acting, more service oriented, cooperative, and transparent, taking full responsibility for their own intentions, thoughts, and actions.

The best part is we don’t have to wait thousands of years any longer. It’s starting to happen in our lifetimes, and will only get more accelerated in our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. That’s what we all came here to experience. Can you feel it and see it in your own circles? 🙂


We are on an inevitable course of awakening. – Ram Dass

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