What Do Physicists Say About Consciousness From the Other Side?

In a previous post, we learned that we live in a multiverse, which oscillates through cycles of evolution with all of us participating in mapping parts of the Origin/The All. In this post, we’ll explore what famous physicists had to say about consciousness from the Other Side given their much wider soul’s perspective than they had here on Earth.

How were they interviewed?

In the book series published in 2008, Peter Watson Jenkins asked questions by working with Toni Ann Winninger, who channeled the souls of Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer and Marie Curie for their perspective on various things now that they’re beyond the physical plane.

Were they atheists, agnostics or what?

Marie Curie was raised Catholic, but went through a period when she (like many scientists) became an atheist, because she didn’t believe there was anything but matter, even if it was unseen, like ionizing radiation. She said: “If we couldn’t measure it, then it didn’t exist.”

what do physicists say about consciousness

  • Later in life looking at the universe, she believed there was some power beyond ourselves without knowing how it interacted with us.
  • From her soul’s perspective, she said people must become aware of the interconnection between the physical and nonphysical self for the soul to grow.

“Now I know that all energy is connected and that there is a point of origin, a supreme Source, which is part of anything and everything.” – Marie Curie

Oppenheimer also thought that there was a pervasive power that was responsible for all. He said: “Now I’m part of Source, I know it, feel it and totally understand it.”

What is the source of genius?

The interview with the soul aspect of Albert Einstein was most illuminating. He said that people outside of his family considered him to be a slow learner, dyslexic or autistic. But he was born with more connectivity to his soul aspect, much like an indigo, crystal, rainbow, hybrid child today.

  • He explained that his intellectual powers came from a combination of his soul connection, genetics, past lives as scientists, and his parents’ encouragement.
  • He had chosen to be totally wrapped up in his studies, which isolated him in that life. That’s why a genius needs to have a good connection with their soul, to feel self-love, not loneliness, when they’re withdrawn, not approved or socializing much with others.

His prearranged purpose was to explain the workings of the universe in a way that could be understood by others, and to bring new thought processes to the human race.

what do physicists say about consciousness

He said it’s the soul’s choice to be a genius. But in most cases, it’s an older soul that has experienced most of the human lessons and dramas (e.g. love/hate, abuse, abandonment, etc.), so they can now be the wayshower in science, music, art or whatever human endeavor.

  • Because of higher connectivity, they can access more knowledge from the soul between and within the dimensions, just like active channelers do.
  • He said he was merely a “translator” of the energy that was there, and that he got help from the Other Side in passively channeling some of it.
  • Many insights came from outside of him and ideas were downloaded to him, although he didn’t recognize it during his lifetime. Now he laughs about it, knowing his work wasn’t that “original” after all! 🙂

Jenkins wrote that Einstein’s soul had no pride in his genius. His most productive year was 1905, which was the prime time for downloading his doctoral thesis and many articles.

what do physicists say about consciousness

Is there life out in the universe?

Einstein’s soul aspect replied that studies in quantum physics are starting to show the “thick-headed scientists,” that what they can feel and see is not all that exists. He explained:

  • There is life on other planets, but it’s not identical to human life in form or function. It doesn’t exist in linear time like we do.
  • We can’t see these beings, because our eyes are limited and out of phase with them (unless they can lower their vibration).

Most people are totally unaware that there are other energetic dimensions that they can access. But some individuals have more psychic awareness and interactions with the beings in other dimensions.

What’s the difference between physical vs. spiritual energy?

Quoting Oppenheimer’s soul: “At Home, we are not solid, we’re not molecules; we are not even nuclei with electrons running around us. We are the electricity, we are the vibration that can be perceived around the activity of an atom.” He explained:

  • Our consciousness is everywhere, in everything. Wherever you put your consciousness, you are present. Consciousness does not have to be focused on one place.
  • He likened it to listening to an opera singer, the orchestra, the audience murmuring or coughing and the ushers whispering all at once. You choose what to be aware of.

Image: Einstein and Oppenheimer on the cover of Life magazine

what do physicists say about consciousness

Einstein’s aspect explained that all matter is energy, whether it’s on the Earth plane or any plane. It’s the same energy in different points of perception. He said it’s all about intention.

  • On the physical plane, the soul can direct its energy into a particular incarnate form that can be perceived, if it wants to be visible.
  • On the spiritual plane, the soul can project to any place at any time, or be there for the whole process, because there is no restriction in the nonphysical plane.

What is the nature of the Divine?

Einstein’s aspect said intention does not define or explain divinity. It is the means of manifestation within the Divine. You can manipulate energy through your intention. He said:

“All energy is divinity, all souls emanated from the Creator, which is pure energy. There is nothing but unconditional love and service in pure energy. There are no polarities, no opposites in pure energy. There are only absolutes, and the absolutes are those of unconditional love and the well-being of all.” – Albert Einstein

He added: “Unconditional love is a state of being, where everything is perfect, where everything belongs, everything is a part of the whole, everything is accepted. Everything that has ever come into existence came from the Creator who knew only perfection. And that perfection, that completeness, is within all the energy that is a part of that presence.”

Similarly, Guy Needler (“Beyond the Source” Book 2) described a point within the Origin:

“It is full holographic understanding in every way, shape and form. There is no question that is unanswered. There is no experience that doesn’t have a meaning behind it. There is no aspect of parallelism that is unexplained. Everything has got an answer to it. Everything is appreciated, loved and understood.” – Guy Needler

Final Thoughts

When we die, we don’t take our bodies, egos, wealth, power, or achievements (like Nobel prizes) with us. But many scientists are still skeptical about things termed “spiritual,” which simply reflect higher frequency levels than the physical levels they typically study.

Although some scientists are starting to expand their views (Scientists Find Hints for the Immortality of the Soul | Dr. Rolf Froböse), most people are afraid to change their mind or to say that what they believed last week is no longer true this week, because their perception of truth has evolved and changed.

The fascinating books by Jenkins and Winninger show how beings on the nonphysical plane view their human lifetimes. Oppenheimer saw his life as just one human experience of a soul. Marie Curie said it’s like the nonphysical witnessing the physical. Einstein said that his thoughts from the Other Side might be as controversial as his “not so original work” on Earth. 😉

More importantly, the views expressed by these three souls beautifully corroborate the work of Guy Needler, who is a “spiritual physicist” with unparalleled access to the highest frequencies in the Greater Reality to explain who we really are, why we are here and where we are headed.

Why is this important? Because it allows us to look up from the Google street view map of a human being to the multiversal map of a higher frequency sentient being. This allows us to evolve faster, according to Needler. To project “there,” you need to be aware of “there.”

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness to our awareness.” – Lao Tzu


P.S. Einstein’s soul said he never could take time for a haircut! 😉

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