What Is the Structure Of Our Multiverse?

In previous posts, we learned about event space, which played a big part in the creation of the Origin/Absolute. The Origin created 12 Source Entities to help it evolve faster. One of them is our Source Entity (SE1/”God”), who created our multiverse and countless entities (like us) within it to support the expansion of the Origin’s sentience. What is the structure of our multiverse?

What is the structure of our multiverse?

According to Guy Needler, our multiverse was created by Source Entity One, who copied the Origin using twelve as the magic number, reproducing everything down to the last frequency.

Our multiverse has 12 full dimensions, which are nested. That means we have dimensions within dimensions, or spheres within spheres, as shown in the image analogy (below).

  • The outermost sphere is our multiverse, which is a static structure with a finite boundary. It has 397 simultaneous universes within it, arranged as nested spheres within spheres.
  • The multiverse exists as a separate structure from event space, which is a temporary energetic function that is used by entities to play out various what if scenarios (see How Does Event Space Change Your Perspective On Life? – Big Picture Questions.com).


  • The innermost/bottom sphere is the physical universe, which has less resolution and needs 12 frequency bands to construct it. Humans live within the bottom 3 frequencies.
  • Above the physical universe, there is sufficient resolution to allow each and every frequency band to create a separate universe by itself, i.e. from FB 13 to the top FB 408.

Each full dimension (beyond the physical universe) is made of 36 simultaneous universes, which are arranged into 3 sub-dimensional components, i.e. 3 sets of 12 universes. For more on the substructure of the multiverse, please see What Is the Fundamental Particle Of Matter In the Physical Universe? – Big Picture Questions.com.

“The multiverse looks like a small structure in a huge bath of interlaced Bucky Balls…except that it didn’t follow the geometric laws surrounding a Bucky Ball.

Each collective of six by six substructural energies, each Bucky Ball, not only surrounded a specific evolutionary or operational structural component of the multiverse, but it also surrounded the energies associated with the next collective of six by six substructural energies.” – Guy Needler (excerpt from “The Curators”)

Is our universe a torus?

Some scientists believe that we exist in a universe, which is a torus or donut-like structure (below, left). But Needler said we exist in a multiverse with 397 universes, which resemble a convoluted torus within a convoluted torus (with a simple “3D” version shown below, right).

thrive_torus_199x153sage10-smallThe same holographic space contains all 397 universes. They are all convoluted and intertwined with each other, as simulated by the images (below). The convolutions are overlayed upon each other at all angles (a few angles shown below).


What is the function of the dimensions?

Guy Needler said that he’s starting to understand that the dimensions themselves also have a function that goes beyond being part of the structure of the multiverse. He explained:

  • It reflects how the multiverse as an entity created by the Source works on its own.
  • There is actually a personality or “flavor” and function associated with each of the dimensions and the frequencies within them.

The full dimensions represent increasing levels of awareness that become available to us (as creator beings in training), as summarized in the Table below:

Upon further contemplation, a couple of things stand out from this Table:

  • We are evolving as creator beings, as we go up the spectrum of frequencies or ladder of full dimensions (FD 1-12). We are gaining more skills, experience and evolutionary content at every step along the way, while expanding the Origin’s sentience at the same time.
  • We all stand on each others’ shoulders, so to speak, as we continue to evolve through the multiverse structure, which is created and held together by the countless entities, like our True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls) within it.

Needler explained that the multiverse exists because WE collectively and energetically assist in its creation. The Source created it and we, in our desire to evolve through it, maintain its existence through our use of it and intention for it to be there for us. In essence, we create our own playground (or consensus realities) from the top down.

Final Thoughts

In my view, this kind of new information from Guy Needler is pretty exciting stuff, because it goes way beyond anything we’ve learned from modern science or any spiritual teachings.

What is most mind blowing to me is that this is NOT our first evolutionary cycle. We’ve gone through the multiverse two times before in different spots of the Origin. Now we’re into our third cycle. That means we’ve ALL mastered all this before, becoming universal creator beings, and ending up in total awareness and oneness with our creator, the Source, and the Origin.

Imagine yourself as a magnificent creator being, because that is the real you! Don’t deny your own Divinity! Don’t let anybody take that away from you. Don’t let any human or other dimensional entity misguide you with fearful or angry thoughts, or thoughts that make you feel like the scum of the universe, or less smart than some aliens, robotic forms or whatever.

The small bit of you that’s here animating the body you’re in is just that, a small bit of you, who is nevertheless capable of creating a wonderful life. But the real you is your True Energetic Self (TES), who is in charge of everything along with countless other highly evolved entities. And all is well in the bigger scheme of things. 🙂


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