When Will Humanity Ascend From 3D Earth?

Previously, we learned that every individual is on their own evolutionary path, ascending the frequencies at their own speed and in their own way based on their own choices in life. But since we are evolving faster in this cycle, when will humanity ascend from 3D Earth?

What is 3D Earth?

Earth exists as a “panfrequential” being, which means there is more than one Earth. We live on the lowest or “3D” version of Earth made of frequency levels 1-2-3. According to Guy Needler, the physical universe has 9 more Earths at frequency levels 4-12 (see Are We Ascending To the Fifth Dimension? – Big Picture Questions.com).

How is humanity being helped?

We will be helped by 12 highly evolved beings called “White children.” They will become a new generation of ascended masters (like Jesus/Buddha/etc.) born sequentially over the next 50-60 years. Eight of them will be world teachers, while the others will work behind the scenes (see What Are the Evolved White Children? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What will humanity be like in 50-60 years?

When all 12 White children are among us, we will be much more aware and awake than we are now, because we will exist at a higher frequency. The human body will become a lighter vehicle, so we’ll be able to access higher functionalities while incarnate. Needler said:

  • Those who are more aware and awake will be more aware and awake. They’ll have more use of intuition rather than logic, and they’ll be more caring and loving as a result of that.
  • Those who are on the cusp of becoming aware and awake will be interested in becoming more expansive, are more able to take in information and more aware of themselves.
  • But there will still be a lot of individuals who are fully immersed in their “3D life.” They won’t notice much difference in their experience.

Those in the 4th frequency will have higher functionality and will be able to interface with their own environment and others at that level. But they’re also going to dip in and out of the lower frequency levels to work (invisibly) with those who exist on the lower version of Earth.

When will humanity ascend from 3D Earth?

When will humanity ascend from 3D Earth?

Needler said that hundreds of years later, we’ll start to get an increase in the percentage of individuals, who are in the 4th frequency. Some will start to go into the 5th frequency. But there will a number of “stragglers,” who will still be evolving in the 3rd frequency.

  • The world population will be maintained, because we’ll have more “backfill people” incarnating to replace the individuals that have ascended to the next level.
  • That is done to ensure that there will be no concerns or fears about a rapidly dropping population with nobody knowing where these individuals are going to!?
  • If there is still ONE soul that is working on the 3rd frequency level, then there will be the need for that 3rd level to exist and to be populated by backfill people.

That’s why it could take from 1,200 years to 3,000 years for ALL of humanity to evolve out of this version of Earth! The thing is not to worry about that, but to work on yourself, to be of service to those who seek help from you, and to help them move up the frequencies.

What will Earth be like?

In the future, this version of Earth will be populated by mostly backfill people, who won’t be moving on to the 4th level while here. But they will gain a level of “residual evolution” as a result of working in this particular environment. Needler noted:

  • The world will maintain a level of functionality (not go “mad”). Why? Because even the backfill people will move up the sub-frequencies on this version of Earth.
  • The backfill people will stay as 3-frequential incarnate beings, while they’re being in service to those souls, who are still working their way through this evolutionary level, so they’ll be able to incarnate in 4th frequency bodies, rather than 3-frequency bodies.

There will be progression for both backfill souls and the souls that incarnate in the human vehicle (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Final Thoughts

This new information was a bit of an eye opener for me. That’s for sure! I had thought that we’d be evolving much faster, because of all the evolved White children as well as the other spiritually advanced children (indigo, rainbow, crystal, their hybrids) incarnating among us.

What I didn’t consider is that it may take another 1,200-3,000 years for the “last man” on Earth to ascend. But Needler assured us that 1,200 years is not a long time when we are in the energetic. It can go very, very quickly. Okay. 😉

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler


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