Why Is This Multiverse Cycle Different?

Previously, we learned how various entities or beings evolve through the multiverse created by our Source. But Guy Needler has told us this is not our first cycle. We are into our third evolutionary cycle right now. Why is this multiverse cycle different?

What was the first cycle like?

Guy Needler (“The History of God”) described how our Source Entity created countless entities called True Energetic Selves (TES) to populate the multiverse. But the Source took its eye off the ball, so not all entities were created with the same amount/density of sentient energies.

  • That created different energetic genres/types of entities. About 65% of the TES were fully sentient, individualized units of Source, that represent the higher energetic genre.
  • They could work at any frequency in the multiverse in a linear or random way and evolved faster than the other entities. About 92% of humans belong to this higher energetic genre.
  • The other 35% of the entities had a lesser volume of sentience. Some could incarnate as backfill people (8% of humans), or as animals (semi-sentient), plants (less sentient), or minerals (just beginning to gain their sentience). Their evolution was much slower.
  • The Source realized that some entities were not as sentient as intended. But it provided an opportunity to compare the evolution of the different energetic genres.

The first cycle was slow, and finished when all entities had evolved through the multiverse from the coarse frequencies at the bottom to the ultrafine frequencies at the top, where they had more content, ability and functionality. Then all entities fully reintegrated with the Source.

What was the second cycle like?

Being sentient is not just about the ability to create. It’s also about the planning, analysis, improvement, correction and re-creation of creations. That’s what Source intended to do.

  • At the end of the first cycle, all the True Energetic Selves (from all energetic genres) were completely reabsorbed to be in full communion with the Source, so it could start over.
  • It used the same process to create countless entities, but took its eye off the ball again. Oops! It ended up with different energetic genres in the second cycle, too. No worries.
  • The Source created a new multiverse structure in a different part of the Origin, and populated it with the newly created entities of various types and let them evolve again.
  • The entities could explore the 397 universes in a linear OR random way (e.g. jump from universe #51 to #356, then back to #17, etc.). But they had to experience every universe.

The entities mapped the energies in the second multiverse faster than in the first cycle. BUT at the end of cycle two, about 85% of the entities were maintained and not fully reabsorbed back to Source. The remaining 15% of the entities were fully reintegrated with Source like before.

Why is this multiverse cycle different?

We are now within the first 10% or so of the third cycle, which is much faster than cycle two. The difference is that 85% of the True Energetic Selves (that had made themselves “useful” in cycle two) were carried over to the third cycle and reused by Source. Needler explained:

  • The other 15% of the entities were supposed to be re-created, so they would get the same level of sentience (100%) as those that were reused.
  • The Source took little bits and pieces from those other entities to try and create a homo-geneous equal amount of sentience per every TES created. But it still didn’t happen!?

Why didn’t it work?

This time the process failed, because the less sentient energies previously associated with those 15% of entities migrated back to them. The sentience stayed with the entities they were supposed to be. That’s why we still have backfill people, animals, plants, minerals, etc.

Why is this multiverse cycle different?

It’s similar to how the cells in our body work. If we dissect the liver and inject the cells back into the blood, they will “home” back to the liver, to grow there again (not heart, lung, etc.).

Why is the next cycle different?

The big news is: This is the LAST time we will be evolving through a physical universe.

This third cycle is designed to remove the need for a physical universe in total. Needler noted:

  • There will be NO physical forms (e.g. human/alien/animal, etc.), and NO lower frequency existence in the next multiverse. We will have moved beyond it. Why?
  • Because the lower frequencies that we call physical can be experienced very, very quickly. Therefore, there is no need to use them to the extent that we have in our past cycles.

Our Source may choose not to create a multiverse next time, but explore the zones, which are the next higher structures within the Origin. But other Source Entities may well choose to use lower frequencies as part of their creations.

What is our job?

Our role is to expand the Origin’s sentience by mapping and understanding the energies in a series of multiverses, that our Source creates within the Origin.

  • Currently, our Source and its peers (SE2-SE12 and their creations) are investigating a very tiny part of the Origin (<0.001%), the rest of which is dormant or unmapped.
  • In mapping the Origin’s current area of self-awareness, we elevate it from mere self-awareness to sentient self-awareness to polyomniscience (a multiple of omniscience).

Is there a level of beingness beyond polyomniscience?

Ultimately, there is another level of sentience, another level of evolution or beingness, that the Origin will go into, when it breaks into the new, larger, unmapped area of itself. Needler said:

  • The Origin will create 144 Source Entities with unique “specialisms.” So that could be called “polyomniscience to the power of 12″ or 12 squared (see “The Origin Speaks”).
  • Eventually, that becomes 12 cubed and much more, as the Origin and its creations continue to evolve beyond the previous levels of beingness or polyomniscient structures.

The ultimate truth is that the Origin has progressed beyond our comprehension, telling Needler:

“I am talking to you in what you would call my past… To communicate with you, as an incarnate, I need to keep an aspect of me linked to you. I am maintaining this Event Space not for the benefit of you, but for the benefit of incarnate mankind, so that it will know more about its self, its environment, and its truth in creativity.” (“The Origin Speaks”)

Final Thoughts

Needler said we have only scratched the surface of the greater reality. We’re allowed to only understand what we’re capable of understanding. When we become more expansive, we start to know more and more, and our old understanding of things becomes less accurate.

As Needler has discovered through writing a series of books, each book builds on, expands and refines the previous knowledge. The take home message is: Keep an open mind/heart to be more expansive. Accept change as a natural part of our evolution and progression, just as intended by our creator (Source) and the ultimate creator (the Origin). Trust the process. 🙂

“God is a process, not the result of that process, but the process itself. The process of creation is never complete, never done. And you are part of that process.”            – Neale Donald Walsch

Why is this multiverse cycle different?

Meanwhile let’s enjoy the physical universe in all its splendor and beauty while we can!

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