How Do Spiritually Advanced Children and Masters Help Humanity?

In a previous post, Who Are the New Spiritually Advanced Children? – Big Picture, we learned about several types of spiritually advanced children, who have been incarnating over many decades to help humanity progress. In a recent radio interview with Chris and Sheree Geo, Guy Needler presented more information about these types of children, some of whom will be spiritually evolved masters.

What types of spiritually advanced children are there?

Dolores Cannon’s book (“The Three Waves of Volunteers”) described the souls, who have been coming to Earth since the middle 1940’s onwards. Guy Needler said that they came here to bring us out of the “dark ages” or low frequencies after all the world wars. He explained:

  • All these different children are highly evolved with a slightly modified human form (energy set) that allows them to have a different type of incarnate experience.
  • They all came to help us progress beyond the pure materialistic condition into a higher frequential state. Each “pure” type (rainbow, indigo and crystal) had a different function, as summarized in the Table below:

spiritually advanced children

But the pure types of children didn’t do well here. They couldn’t cope or adapt to the low frequency “hotspots” on Earth with strife, conflict and war, which act as areas of focus for humanity to work on. Needler explained:

  • These “dark” or low frequency things exist in our society, so that we can recognize them as being abhorrent, expose them or dislike certain methods of working in the world.
  • Our world news have plenty of examples of low frequency intentions, thoughts, behaviors and actions created by humanity. For an insightful perspective on the various players, please see Gordon Phinn’s article: The Agents And The Information, a fable of existence | Anotherwordofgord’s Blog. Some may even think we’re stuck in this mess!
  • Needler said we got used to and comfortable with the “old paradigm” that believes that the material world is all there is, or that we are our bodies and egos and then we die.

But we’re moving away from that old paradigm now towards a different level of consciousness aided by the introduction of new spiritually advanced “hybridchildren with a modified, higher energetic human form that combines the previous pure forms. Needler said:

  • Think of it in terms of a radio. You can buy one radio that works with a certain number of frequencies, but above those frequencies, they don’t work.
  • Think of these children, the indigos, crystals and rainbows (and the autistics) as having radios that work on ultra-high or mega-high frequencies above the standard radio.

Some children are hybrids of two different types, others are hybrids of all three types. They have a radio that can tune into two or three different channels at the same time.

  • They can listen to and work with those channels and access the functions associated with higher frequencies (e.g. telepathy, empathic communication).
  • Some can even access their 8th, 9th, and 10th frequency levels (beyond their chakra system), which gives them pure connectivity and pure accessibility.

How many types of hybrid children are there?

Needler said the hybrid children have been coming to Earth over the last 22 years (or since about 1992). There are four different types of them:

  1. Rainbow-indigo hybrid.
  2. Rainbow-crystal hybrid.
  3. Indigo-crystal hybrid.
  4. Rainbow-indigo-crystal hybrid.

These children are much more connected to the greater reality (cosmic consciousness) and to Source. Some of them are child prodigies or showing levels of genius, similar to people like Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Tesla, Newton, Galileo, da Vinci and others in their time.

spiritually advanced children

They are also much more capable of coping with the localized changes in frequency in whatever environment they’re working in around the world.

  • In their hybrid state, they are much more advanced than those of us born earlier, who paved the way for them to incarnate here at this time.
  • Their form allows the soul to access higher functionality and higher levels of emotion, consciousness, beingness and transcendental states using their inner technology.

As higher frequency beings, these hybrid children are capable of changing the frequency of others (e.g. parents, friends) who are around them by positive triangulation (or ascension by association). We also have the so-called “White children” coming to help us along.

Who are the White children?

Needler is the first person to describe the brand new type of White children, whose energetic genre is at the level of ascended masters. There are only going to be 12 of them in total.

  • Each child will be the only soul aspect projected from their True Energetic Self.
  • They will be born sequentially over the next 50-65 years, not all at the same time.

They will be spread out across the globe in an equidistant geometric manner to influence all continents (presumably along some geometric grid like the one shown).


  • They will become slowly aware and awake and will have to work on themselves, but their level of wakefulness and functionality will be much higher than the average person.
  • Two White children are already among us, one in Beijing, China and the other in London, UK (see What Are the Evolved White Children? – Big Picture

Needler said that their level of advancement will be absolutely amazing, which will make the next 20-30 years just amazing, and the next 100 years absolutely phenomenal!!! 🙂

Final Thoughts

In case you’re wondering if you’ll miss out on something, because you won’t be around 30-100 years from now, don’t worry. Chances are that your own True Energetic Self has sent other soul aspects to participate in and to witness everything as the ground crew here, so that they can share it with your aspect and all others in the much bigger, much higher True Self, which is who you really are.

It’s a new day for humanity, so throw your doubts and worries in the wind. Everybody is progressing, even without noticing it. But the more you trust your own connectivity, the more you can use it, and the higher frequency and higher functionality you can get, as you develop your own inner technology. Enjoy the process!

This is why we’re all here right now. Let’s cherish and support these children!

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