How Do We Jump Timelines?

Previously, we learned that “time” is a construct that humans invented to view events in a linear fashion. Time doesn’t exist except in our minds. What exists is event space, where all events occur simultaneously. To become more conscious co-creators in our lives, we need to develop an understanding of our power: How do we jump timelines?

What is a timeline? 

Time is a series of “now” moments or event points in event space. We string them together, like the still frames of a film strip to create the illusion of motion—or time going backwards (past) or forwards (future). But all those event points exist simultaneously in the same space.

  • Your reality is based on which event point you choose to focus your intention on—that becomes the “now” lit up by your consciousness, which is like a flashlight shining on it.
  • That “now” moment is created from a specific set of circumstances that you and those around you have agreed upon as an outer construct or a theater stage to play within.
  • You are constantly jumping from one now moment to another to create a linear timeline about “things that happen to you”—even though you are in the driver’s seat the whole time. You are the actor, writer, director, set decorator, and producer in your own movie.

That makes you an Oscar contender in several categories! Will you get one? Well, that depends on your life review with your guide and helpers in the afterlife. The question on everybody’s mind is this: Did you increase the quality of your sentience (“consciousness”) in this lifetime?

  • Are you a more loving, wiser creator being, who can be given more power/energy to work with? Or are you more like a monkey with a gun, like some so-called “world leaders”?
  • Did you sail through life like a teflon-coated Mr. Clean? Or were you more like Spiderman, leaving sticky, energetic karmic links to everybody you encountered? Somebody has to go back to clean those links—either you or one of your soulmates, if you’re not up to the job.

It’s not about being right or wrong, or about making mistakes, which are simply different lines of discovery. It’s about increasing your sentience, or self-aware creative intelligence. You are here to improve the level of your sentience, to refine your skills as a creator being in training.

What does event space look like?

First, we need to understand that “timelines” are really parallel event streams that string event points together in various combinations based on our individualized free will. Second, our choice is not based on “time” at all, but on the overall frequency of the event space or parallel environment/reality that we wish to experience.

  • From our human perception, higher frequencies move through space at a faster rate of “time” than lower frequencies. But time doesn’t exist — it’s just a marker for an event.
  • Because we’re making new choices every nanosecond, pretty soon the parallel paths start to look like a decision tree. The trunk represents our life plan (major themes and lessons).
  • The branches represent our desires and intentions. Because event space goes where our intention goes, it creates a temporary structure, or an event bubble around it (below).

When our intention is strong, the branch becomes thicker. When we’re indecisive, the branch is thinner. When we lose interest, it becomes an unproductive dead end that collapses. The main life is not finished until the last parallel has merged back into it.

Some event spaces support our main life plan, while others take us off course to unnecessary event spaces. The purpose of event space is to help us learn about the effectiveness of our decision making. All is choice. Simply put, it teaches us about the cause and effect of things.

How do most people navigate through life?

We are inventing and reinventing our entire life experience in each and every moment. We don’t even know if we’re the main line parallel or not, but that doesn’t matter. There may be 200-100,000+ parallel selves at various points in a lifetime. They all contribute to the whole.

  • Most people navigate through life unconsciously—they are anchored by their ego, time and money to a fully immersed 3D existence. They are unaware of who and what they really are (sentient beings given energy) or the multiverse they exist within.
  • But some people are starting to awaken to their True Self and purpose. In 2014, we had 14 million spiritually awake and aware people on the planet. Sadly by 2017, we’ve lost two million of them, because we’ve been in a collective downward spiral in frequencies.
  • Those who become newly awakened during a downtrend tend to be more resilient to the ups and downs in frequencies. The good news is that we have the potential to go up to 26 million awake and aware people by the end of this decade, according to Guy Needler.

But to get there as a species, we have some “inner homework” to do (see How To Be Part Of the Solution? – Big Picture & How To Shift From Ego To Soul Activation? – Big Picture & How To Dissolve Your Victim Patterns? – Big Picture

How do we jump timelines?

Tom Kenyon pointed out that whenever there is an increase in chaotic events on the planet, there is a convergence of multiple timelines at the points called “time nodes.” He explained:

  • Strong timelines can literally affect the possibilities and/or probabilities of other timelines within a time node, where novel creative or alchemical effects may take place.
  • If we know how to use the nodes, evolutionary jumpstarts can occur. Therein lies great potential for accelerated evolution and transformation at personal and collective levels.

Our goal is to become the best version of ourselves. Here are some guidelines for “timeline jumping” using your sovereign will and conscious, focused intention as your tools:

  1. Identify the timeline you wish to move into (e.g. a new state of being, knowing or doing).
  2. Shift your frequency or vibrational state to match that timeline. Imagine being there.
  3. Lock in the vibrational state, so it does not waver. Feel it, energetically memorize it.
  4. Take an action that is an expression of the new timeline with new possibilities.
  5. Persevere and hold the new state as the creator being you are (ignore any sensory information, obsolete belief systems, or distorted programming from the past).

Nora Herold said that you naturally jump to a higher timeline when you transmute trauma, i.e. feel, observe, accept, send unconditional love to all versions of you that felt that trauma in any lifetime or on any timeline (see How To Be Part Of the Solution? – Big Picture

  • But sometimes you will have a “deja vu” moment as a cue, when you’re about to consciously jump a timeline. It means you have opened up a gateway for yourself.
  • Take a breath, center and ground yourself, feel unconditional love within, and intend consciously to jump to the highest possible vibratory rate (frequency) that can be found on any timeline for you personally. Then go for it!

As Buddha put it: You become what you think about. You attract what you feel. You create what you imagine. So let’s think big, feel good and imagine the best for ourselves and others! You will feel lighter, uplifted, more expansive, capable and radiant, as if lit up from within.

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

Final Thoughts

I hope this gives you a bigger picture of timelines. When we think of it in linear terms, we imagine them as one-way streets or lanes on a highway. But in multidimensional terms, spherical holographic event space is much more than that—and its main purpose is to help us experience, learn and evolve to be our best potential self. So let’s use it more consciously.

Let’s jump from the so-called inevitable timelines, that happen when we don’t think about what we’re doing or don’t know what we want — which is how most people operate — to a higher timeline. To do that, we need to be fully in charge, 100% responsible for ourselves and our creations. We need to make deliberate choices with higher thoughts, behaviors and actions that take us to the higher frequencies we want to experience. We can’t jump too far ahead of the collective, but we can be the way-showers for others.

We’re all in this together. We cannot afford to lose any more awakened people, just because they get bored, frustrated, exhausted or disillusioned with humanity. Remember that we are multidimensional beings pretending to have a three-dimensional experience in human form. Once we own that, we are no longer limited beings, as we understand reality from a higher and lighter perspective.

Image: Dreaming Bubbles [event bubbles] (by Josephine Wall, click to enlarge)

“We are recreating ourselves as new again and again and again. We don’t need to tie ourselves to old stories (e.g. being rejected, sick, unlovable). Let yourself play with the bigness of this!”   – Nora Herold

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