What Are Higher Intuitive Functions?

Previously, we learned that the ancient Egyptians had amazing outer technologies that were used to control things in their external environment. Now we’ll take a look at some inner technologies, which represent our higher intuitive functions known as extra-sensory perception (ESP) or various “clear” senses. What are higher intuitive functions?

How do we know things?

As Einstein said, the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We are conditioned by society to rely on our left brain, which is focused on facts, details, logic, linear thinking, calculations and patterns. But it’s not the only way to know something.

  • Our right brain excels at abstract, nonlinear thinking and imagination. It can weave our sensory and experiential knowledge together to give us a more holistic view of reality.
  • We need these logical and abstract minds to function properly as humans, but we are also born with various intuitive abilities, which we may use in conscious or unconscious ways.

What is meant by intuition?

Intuition is direct knowing or “knowingness.” It is a sudden inner awareness of information without any logic, proof or experiential learning. It is not logical or holistic. It’s just knowing what you know without knowing how you know it. Karen Curry explained it like this:

  • We are all intuitive. We are designed to be connected, to go beyond the physical senses to plug into “superconsciousness” (e.g. entities/Higher Self/Source) or the greater reality.
  • Intuition is broadcast on a lot of channels, just like a radio. What information you get depends on what channel you are attuned to. Some of us are tuned to a specific channel or frequency, while others can slide across the entire dial (e.g. newer hybrid children).
  • Some people get intuitive information in one consistent way, while others get variable information depending on their own blueprint, where they are and who they are with.

She said our intuition has been primarily fear and survival based (e.g. getting gut feelings or hunches about a dangerous situation like a dark alley, bear). But as a species, we are leaving fear behind now and learning a new way of knowing. We can access intuition in two ways: 

  • We can connect with superconsciousness to get higher wisdom or higher ways of knowing.
  • We can sense or read someone else’s energy in a mechanical way. Our own blueprint dictates what we’ll be able to sense or feel in the other person (e.g. read their inspiration, thoughts, identity, feelings, life force energy, medical intuition, mother’s intuition, etc.).

What are higher intuitive functions?

Some people call intuition the “sixth sense” or extrasensory perception (ESP). There are many different types of intuitive abilities or clear senses (“clairs”), as described by Emily Matweow:

  • Claircognizance (intuitive knowledge): receiving inner knowledge without any physical explanation or reason, includes foretelling, precognition (future) and retrocognition (past).
  • Clairvoyance (intuitive seeing): visualizing objects, words, people, entities, auras, places, actions or events in the mind’s eye (third eye), that may appear as still images or a movie.
  • Clairaudience (intuitive hearing): hearing sounds, words, tones or noises from the realms that are not near them (e.g. living/dead people, animals, channeling entities, music).
  • Clairsentience (intuitive knowing by feeling): feeling or sensing the vibration of other people, animals and places; may include sensing their physical pain, illness, thoughts, emotions, fears, insecurities, etc.
  • Clairempathy (intuitive feeling of emotion): ability to know people by psychically experiencing the thoughts of a person, place or animal, then feeling the associated mental, emotional, physical or spiritual results.
  • Clairtangency (intuitive knowing by touching): touching an object to get information about its history or owner (psychometry); applies to living beings as well.
  • Clairtaction (intuitive touch): sensing being touched by a spiritual being and knowing information about that entity; includes telekinetic-like ability to touch something ethereal with purpose and awareness.
  • Clairolfactance/clairsalience/clairscentency (intuitive smell): smelling the fragrance or odor of a substance, person, place or animal that is not near them, or the ability to smell if somebody is pregnant, or dog/cat smelling cancer or impending death in a human being.
  • Clairgustance (intuitive taste): tasting something without actually putting it into your mouth; it could be cigarettes, food or drink from the person they are reading.
  • Claireloquence (intuitive communicating): using precisely the right word(s) to encode the exact meaning, phonology (tone, sound) or specific objective for communication.
  • Clairessence (intuitive embodiment): this is the “clair of all clairs” or the embodiment and integration of all of our intuitive senses within our rational and non-rational selves. This “clair of ascension” happens naturally as we ascend in frequency as individuals.

Where do the intuitive abilities come from?

Your soul blueprint will give you clues as to which intuitive abilities you may have easier access to, or the skills you will be able to hone and master, once you’re more conscious of them and practice them. Our biggest problem is that we tend to doubt ourselves.

  • It’s easy to dismiss our intuitive hits and hunches as just our imagination, which is a right brain function (Gate 64). We believe it’s not real because there is no proof or evidence behind it, which is a left brain function (Gate 63). No wonder we’re skeptical and confused!
  • The key is to start recording your intuitive findings, to start validating and verifying them with repeated exercises, to start seeing the patterns in behaviors, nature, observations, etc. using your left brain to help with the doubting side of yourself.
  • Start with your imagination but recognize that the sky is no longer the limit for you! Imagination feels flat, while intuition is rich and multilayered and multifaceted.

“There is no limit to the extent of human consciousness. It can expand to fill the universe, and then you…have a diplomatic visa to infinity.”Itzhak Bentov

Here is a Figure that summarizes the specific I Ching Gates and Channels in our blueprint that are associated with higher intuitive functions. Note that “superconsciousness” here means connectivity with higher wisdom from “angelics” (guides and helpers), Higher Self and Source.

Note: This data is compiled from various sources, but is mostly based on Karen Curry’s insightful and wonderfully presented work (“Understanding Human Design”).

Final Thoughts

I hope this post helps you see why Einstein thought of intuition as a sacred gift. It is a gift we’re all born with but most of us don’t even open the wrapper to see what’s inside the box.

We incarnate here as human beings to experience physicality in the flesh. But in the course of our lives, we tend to get so immersed in this material world, that we are distracted from the “spiritual” or higher frequency realities that we can access just as well. It’s built into our human and divine blueprint.

Karen Curry said don’t let logic steal away your wisdom or drive you crazy. We’re evolving away from logic as a way of knowing. She’s right. As Guy Needler explained:

“The more we start to think, behave and act in a higher frequency way, the higher up the frequencies we go, the more functions we get, the more intuitively connected we become. Our communicative ability with our True Energetic Self and Source becomes stronger and we get higher functions and higher frequency again, so we spiral upwards.”

That means we have a lot more extrasensory tools in our toolbox besides the five physical senses. So let’s get more conscious and deliberate about trying them out and honing them, so that one day we may master them, like the divine gifts or siddhis they are meant to be.

With our current concerns about “fake news,” this is the perfect time to start our practice in our daily lives. Who needs social media, when you can send a telepathic message to a loved one? Who cares what the government chooses to “disclose” to the masses, when you can have access to infinite wisdom? Let’s become self-empowered now! 🙂

“Consciousness is everything. Consciousness — that of which you are truly aware — is the basis of all truth and thus of all true spirituality.”Neale Donald Walsch

The universe speaks in frequencies.

For more information, please see:

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